The innovative outdoor lighting device

Our technology, integrated in the body of LED lamps
and composed of electronic elements of advanced connectivity,
allows the creation of a telecommunications network with which we can offer additional services
that are easily accessible to the citizen transforming the city into a true SMART CITY.

NetCityLed: all in one solution

Towards the authentic Smart City

The intelligent use of advanced technologies will make it possible to meet the needs of the modern community. The urban habitat of the future will be built in compliance with environmental sustainability by promoting smart relations between citizens and the public administration. If in Italy in 2017 there were 7 to 8 million connected “appliances”, by 2020 up to 1 billion are expected, which will inevitably revolutionise the way we live. Thanks to NetCityLed it will be possible to reduce this technological division, thanks to the inclusion of telecommunication systems integrated in the public administration network. NetCityLed can accommodate the latest generation small cells in the lamp body and allowing the creation of an IoT platform.